Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tea GuestHouse

To start with the journey. I flew to Hong Kong, no dramas there. Picked up my luggage and emigrated into HK, like a breeze, went up stairs checked in and left again before I had used 90 minutes of my 90 day entry permission. The woman at the check in counter was concerned that I had not any ticket to leave Korea, but my explanation about the boat did the trick along with my return ticket from HK to Sydney.

river system Sunset

Again, no dramas at Korea. I arrived at the guest house at 8 AM to drop off the luggage. Then spent the day wandering around Seoul, I will do the photos and rest of the story when I return. It has been a very productive, and somewhat physically painful day. The computer is working in Korean, so I will check the spelling when I return from dinner and connect my own laptop the this places wireless network. I love the place that I am staying, but more on that later.

Wiaiting for the bus from a byegone age...

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