Saturday, October 21, 2006

DanYang of music, fans, temples, caves and processions.

Well I am in my first PC Bang. It is like a smokey bar filled with computers and of course lots of people playing games. I left Geyongju on the train and changed to the high speed line to get to Danyang. As is becoming common in Korea, the place I am staying at has a stage being built out side. In fact as I was having my afternoon shower, there was Korean music from out side. A parade was passing by with the Sallia king and queen and their followers. But the first nights festivities were held down river at the main ampitheter. So I had a very unexpected and interesting night as the Apple Festival started, listening to three of Korea's top pop stars. I will have lots to upload when I get the chance. The school children there (teenagers) befriended me and their teacher seemed pleasedwhen he came up to me after the show.

Today I travelled to the Guinsa temple by bus as it was highly recommended by the Melbournians I met last week. It was quit a climb and I climbed to the top of the moutain behinds, which acording to the GPS is 750 meters in altitude. I then stayed for my first buddhist lunch. They saw that I was a foreigner and arranged for a local who spoke english to have lunch with me. We had a short but interesting conversation.
Catching the bus back to Danyang I went the cave system only 500 meters from town. It is a very touristy affair and you just walk though yourself. I never needed to crawl, but I had to crouch down some times. In here I met three western girls from a near by town who are here for the day to visit the cave. I spent a hour or so with them back in town at the Apple festival and was mobbed again by my fans. They have called me Gandalf. I am pleased. :-)
Now I am in the internet bang. I do not know how much longer the music on the stage outside my window will continue.

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