Friday, October 20, 2006

rain and temples

The endless clam, mostly windless days continue. The forcast of rain for today appears to have changed to a forcast of rain on Sunday and Monday. They need the rain here. In July they had three times their monthly rain fall, since then they had only had 5 mm in Seoul.

I started by wandering around the burrial mounds in the park outside where I am staying. I then went to the stone pagoda, destroyed by the Japanese in 1915 and then rebuilt to a different size. There was a onld temple site south of this with only the foundations showing. It was the first place here that had not been destroyed by the Japanese in the 1500's. It was destroyed by the Mongolians in the 1200's.

Near lunch time I was at the four sided buddha image stone to the north of the city. After that I had lunch and booked my seat for today and visited the bank. So all in all a very quiet day. Only the temple site had school children and the rest was just local worshipers.

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