Friday, October 13, 2006

Not a rest day

I was planning on taking it easy today. But it did not work out that way. I started off very productively at Seoul Station, exchanging my voucher for a ticket. So that little saga is over. I then headed off to the expensive part of town to do some geocaching. I found one and not the other. One was located in the Buddhist temple, which was an active temple. I saw for the first time the general public praying in a temple ceremony, though I only discretely looked in through the door.

After lunch in a Korean Food Hall, I headed off to a shamanist shrine. It said it was a long climb, but that was only half the story. They were tearing out part of the hill to build new apartments. The locals and latter builders gladly pointed out that I needed to walk directly through the middle of the construction site, with no care for safety or concern at my taking a wrong turn. They just sent me back through the construction site. Half way up there is a Buddhist temple and further up the shamanist shrines. At the top I changed my plan and walked even further by walking down beside the old Seoul city wall back to where I am staying rather than the short but steep walk to the subway stop. I am exhausted.

traversing the construction zone
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I am booked on the 10:10 train to Busan.

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