Sunday, October 22, 2006

rain, rain go away

Well I am in Jeongdongjin. I came here to see a North Korean Minisub (tomorrow).

I started out the day catching the train from Danyang to Jechon. There I had to wait an hour and a half for the slowest train in Korea (according to Brian). In the mean time I met a primary school teacher from Danyang who was heading somewhere else to visit a museum for the day. The train journey to my current location was slow (4 hours) but very scenic. Though the hill sides full of half dead trees from the drought did not help. When I got here I checked into my hotel. I took a korean style room, which seems to mean a round bed instead of a rectangular bed. It is 25,000 rather than 35,000 won, so it is cheaper to boot.
I visited the crusing ship and a sail ship, such as I loaded a photo of on a previous day up on the near by hill. This seems to be a relaitvely common occurnace in Korea. You will have to look at the photos to see what I mean. While I was there, the forecast ligth rain in the afternoon arrived, and by the time I had walked for twenty minuted to return to my room, I was a little wet, even with my rain coat. The light rain had beome rain. All the people on the beach on the way out had left and the sand sculpture man had removed his sculptures.
So I have had dinner and been watching muythbusters in my comfy bed, before coming down to this PC bang.

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