Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well I should be able to use the keyboard to type korean, but I cannot se the button to change the keyboard. I am in Pusan Station, I am staying out the front. I have a speel from yesterday, but I cannot plug in my USB drive into this computer so I will send it later.

It is the Busan International Film Festival. The movie I wanted to see I missed beause I got the 24 hour time clock wrong and was out by two hours and the subway ticket office is closed and I had no change for the machines. So I may see a movie tomorrow, but there are not any that I really want to see.

Today I went for a walk in a remote part of the city, but also where the center of the film festival is located. An old man, well over 50, who has travelled the world and is partly paralysed on the right side, talked to me while I was resting on the walk. The area is quite nice and I sepent some time in the fish markets and at the beach.

As I missed the movie, I will stay here at the station. They have a big screen and a stage and will have some live music later, if it is like last night. I must say that the place is buzzing.

I will not be able to load any photos for now, though I am processing them. So I will have a batch for when I find better access. I have kept my eyes open for an Internet Bung, but I have not actually seen one yet. But then I have not really seriously searched for one.

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