Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A productive day

Well I spent a productive day, after a morning of getting to know my way around, I converted my voucher for a voucher, into the voucher for a rail pass for Korea Rail. I then booked my DMZ tour. The I went down south to the Da-In ferry company and in about 5 minutes flat, purchased my ferry ticket. Seeing the name in han-ja, I saw that it means big and In is the In from Incheon. Finally I had a yummy dinner at a place suggested by the owner/managers of the guest house.

Bell tower Breakfast skyscraper

On the painful side, I have a blister on my right foot and heat rash on my legs. Last time I had blisters, (in China) I did not pop them, as you are not supposed to and they got infected. So I might pop this one.

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