Sunday, October 08, 2006

The day before

Well the picnic did not happen, instead a yummy lunch in Palm Beach, followed by a ferry jaunt across to Ettalong Beach. The trip over was a little rough and the camera got splashed with water from a wave, though we were on the lee side of the top deck. Had an icecream in Ettalong. On the ferry trip back there was the most unusual incident. The waves were very high. We were siting inside the sealed compartment behind the captain. A wave filled the whole field of view and before I knew it, I was hit in the face by a wall of salt water. I was astonished and looked up to see which of the windows was broken. None of them were broken and they were all shut. The ones that do open must have opened enough to let in the water. The captain and first mate wiped the salt water off the control panel and we continued back to Palm Beach. The children in the row behing were terrified. It was like one of those magician acts. No opening and lots of water. The ferry is the one below. So when we returned, we stopped to have a coffee to dry off and then did a cache before returning.

The ferry:
Ferry Stop

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