Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The web site is too cleaver by half. It thinks that as I am in Korea, I need to have all the web site text in Korean. I think this happend as I changed the time zone to Korea. I will try changing it to Adelaide, which I suppose is only half an hour out.

I traveled by train yesterday to Geoyngju. Though it is only an hour an a half by bus dow the freeway, it is three hours by train and I have to change trains at Dongdaegu.

The city is a very plesant place to stay and almost every one here has been extending their stays. I will not as I now also have a temple to visit in DangYang, my next stop, and I am running out of time. I should have stayed one less day in Busan. Yesterday I visited the National Gallery and some 1000 year old mound tombs. This place is full of interestign history and the gallery was excellent. Much better than the others I have been to so far. I should be able to upload my photos from this computer, so I will try later today.

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