Monday, January 01, 2007

Guinsa (구인사)

Well I managed to miss Guinsa in my previous posting. I traveled by bus through the mountains to this Buddhist retreat. It had been a secondary destination on my list of places I wanted to see. But with the low lake levels making ferry travel a bit more difficult and a high recommendation from some Australians I met in Gyeongju, I decided to take the bus trip out there. I started early as I wanted to get back to Danyang in time to see the cave. I suppose I was just another tourist. I wandered up the mountain, mostly keeping to myself. I wandered all the way to the top of the mountain behind the temples. There were many women walking up there and small outdoor temple with some priests at the top. I came back down for the lunch and to return. I waited half an hour for the restaurant to open at 11:30 AM. When I was waiting for the food trays, I was noticed and they arranged for a woman to come over and have lunch with me and talk to me. However we only had a short conversation and I was on my way.


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