Monday, January 01, 2007

Seoul (서울)

I returned at the end of my time in Korea to Seoul. I had one night there and then caught the ferry form Incheon to Dalian. I had organised to have dinner with the people from work. However, I was having trouble with the emails. The work email system sends emails from my main email account directly to the deleted mail box. So it took a while before we were able to contact each other. Then, when I tried to call on the phone, it turned out that my mobile could not make calls in Korea. I do not know why. The sms system sometimes worked. So I went hunting for a public phone. At first I could only find ones that needed cards. The shops I went into had run out of cards. In the end I found a coin machine in the tourist information center in Insadong. So I had dinner with two of our people in the Seoul office. It was a good night and as always when with locals, I tried things I did not even know existed, like a kind of rice wine that is milky white. (Maybe this explains the milk fizzy soft drink... I wonder.)

The next day was a quite day. I just went down to the ferry terminal and caught the ferry.

Man with a hammer.

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