Thursday, September 21, 2006

Places to visit in Shang Hai (上海)

Hi, Ewen, hope you see this.

Places for dinner as recommeded by a Buddhist friend here in Sydney who is from 上海 for good vegetarian food: 1) "Chenghuang Temple"; and 2) "Yufoshi"-"Jade Buddha Temple"

And -

And a photo from the first time I visited 上海.

bei jing dung lu

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ewster said...

Hi Brian,

When we arrive in Shanghai we will be at the middle point of our trip. Our experience is that people go through a bit of a lull at this time, a combination of group dynamics and generally being a little travel weary after the schlep across to Xi'an.

Shanghai is hence a bit of a rest-up and allowing people a chance to go their own way for a day. We have many lovely things to on that spare day, but I think the Jade Bhudda (Yufo Si) is less tempting for photographers than some of the small villages along the grand canal.

I would like to see it though!

My recollection is not 100% on this, but isnt Chenghuang Temple at the top end of Old Shanghai, near YuYuan?

- e