Thursday, November 16, 2006

yangshuo - boats and schools

Yesterday afternoon we drove to a town between Guilin and Yangshuo as the people in Guilin who control the river do not seem to allow boats to depart from Yangshuo. We did a short trip up river for about two hours including the place that was on the old 20 Yuan notes. The

scenery was spectacular.

This morning we headed off to a school. Eliot, who has been a teacher for many years, met these people who wanted people to come along to their school to help with English classes. In the morning we met this 81 year old Canadian man who has spent 4 years here in yangshuo helping organize the teaching of English. We traveled by small bus to a ferry upstream from Yangshuo and then went across from the river. The school had decided to have an impromptu picnic, which disappointed our guide immensely. I was surprised that he did not know any Chinese and I had to help with the translating until the English teacher arrived. We then headed back to their show case school. Here we held two classes at 11:00 AM. Elliot was great. I would not have known what to do in my first ever class of teaching English. But we got though about 20 minutes of geography, electricity and telecommunications before we lost control of the class. It was a most unusual experience. I took lots of photos.

Tonight we are off on the Train to HK. In a week I will be back in Australia.

Teaching a class

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