Saturday, November 18, 2006

HK and hotel rooms

We arrived by train at shenzhen and crossed the border by foot. After that we caught the subway into Kowloon. We are staying at the Stanford Hotel. They are booked out for Saturday and Sunday, so we were unable to get a room. It turns out the YMCA and several other places I tried were also booked out. So I was worried all night about where to stay.

In the afternoon we wandered down to the ferry terminal and as the sun set we took lots of photos. Prior to that we had to visit Starbucks for a coffee fix for out New York and Canadian colleagues. In the evening we had a dinner in a little HK style eating place. In the evening we went to a local bar. After playing an American drinking game we met some people from HK who have children living in Melbourne and Pennant Hills. I left at this stage (2 AM), but the others stayed until 4 AM.

This morning I had a brain wave while having an early breakfast as I could not sleep. I asked the hotel to book a room and we now have a place around the corner.

Night Lights

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